What is TaoWay?

The name TaoWay is a coinage abbreviation of the Taoist way (method). Taoists have more than 5000 years of history of observing nature anddevising healing arts. These include acupuncture, herbalism, Tai Chi, Qi Gong harmonising exercises and meditation techniques for enhancing physical wellbeing, mental tranquillity and spiritual fulfilment. Taoists believe in the doctrine of non-action (Wu Wei). The concept of Taoist non-action does notrefer to doing nothing. It means to follow the flow of natural forces and not to consciously try to overcome it or to control it. Instead, one should allow theforces of nature to work in their own way and their own time.

Qi (Chi) is the universal energy, the fundamental building block and manifestation of natural forces for all beings in the universe. Taoist Qiexercises and meditation techniques are widely practised in China and many Asian countries. These techniques are well known for their gentle healing andcalming effects as well as their effectiveness in promoting good health, virility and longevity.

Taoists treat body, mind and spirit as an integral entirety. By practising the appropriate meditation techniques, Tai Chi or Qi Gong exercises,as well as adopting a carefree philosophy and living a holistic lifestyle, one can activate the transformation of energy within one's physical, psychical andspiritual spheres. The transformation of energy will rejuvenate and strengthen the physical body, widen the perception of the mind for greater creativepotentials and enrich the spiritual self for higher inspirations and more noble purposes.