Lowering High Blood Pressure with Acupressure:


Normalising your blood pressure in 30 minutes naturally without prescription drugs
Kindle Edition - December 2016
Paperback - February 2017

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing art developed over 5000 years ago. Similar to acupuncture using needles on the vital energy points of the meridians, acupressure uses only the fingers to massage the energy points and activates the body to relief the symptoms and to heal itself. Acupressure massage is very effective in lowering high blood pressure, increasing circulation and vitality, relieving pains and aches, reducing stress and is a superb self-treatment for boosting the body immunity. It is a natural healing method and a safe alternative healing modality for treating hypertension and other associated conditions.

There are altogether nine easy exercises in the full routine. The exercises are in a sequential order with well-illustrated pictures for locating the vital energy points. It will take roughly twenty to thirty minutes for completing the full routine, and the result is instantaneous. You can also monitor your own progress by measuring your blood pressure before and after performing the routine. In most cases, the systolic pressure will become normalised or have a significant drop after performing a basic twenty to a thirty-minute routine. Diastolic pressure will also have a significant drop corresponding to the systolic pressure drop.

The middle section of this book looks into the long-term prevention and treatments of hypertension and associated illnesses including examining the major risk factors of causing high blood pressure and how to prevent and reverse them:

The final section looks into the holistic strategies of eliminating high blood pressure and its associated illnesses for good by adopting healthy regiment and natural healing methods including:


The Taoist Secrets of Long Life and Good Health
Originally known as:
The Taoist Secrets of Eternal Youth and Immortality
(Published by Hamlyn / The Octopus Group - January 2006)

It is everyone’s dream to be eternally youthful and to live forever. Similar to Indian Yoga of the Hindu tradition, Taoists in China have over a 5000 year history of devising and perfecting the Immortal Alchemy techniques and harmonious ways of living to promote good health and longevity. Taoists believe that a natural human lifespan should be between 120 to 180 years. Some Immortals were known to have lived well over three hundred years and beyond. By practising the appropriate meditation techniques, together with complementary exercises as well as adopting a carefree holistic lifestyle, one can activate the dormant energy centres and invoke a sequence of energy transformation within the physical, psychical and spiritual spheres to rejuvenate the physical body and prolong life expectancy.

Taoists do not consciously pursue extended youthfulness and longevity. They are merely the byproducts of spiritual cultivation and holistic living. Taoists treat body, mind and spirit as an integral entirety. The pathway of attaining spiritual enlightenment must involve strengthening the physical body, promoting emotional equilibrium and cultivating spiritual growth.

If a man learns to harmonise himself with his environment and the universe, he can maximise his full potential to live a long, happy and productive life. To cultivate such harmony, he has to practise the cultivation of universal energy Qi (pronounced as Chi). Qi is the primal creative energy, which permeates throughout the Universe. The level of Qi within our body governs the balance and the well-being of our body, mind and spirit. When Qi is abundant and in harmony, it reflects in good health, happiness and high capacity of fulfilment. By adopting a holistic lifestyle, practising the appropriate exercises and meditation techniques, one can invoke a sequence of energy transformation physically, psychically and spiritually. If one is arduous to follow such a pathway, one can emancipate his spirit from the emotional and material attachments. When one is truly free and emancipated, one will become an Immortal. An Immortal is a peaceful, tolerant, non-judgmental, warm and loving human being who has deep spiritual understanding and empathy towards others and nature. A selfless human being acquires high purposes, noble inspirations and great capacity of positive fulfilment in giving, healing, sharing, creating, enjoying and beautifying life for themselves and others.

Now the contemporary master of Taoist wisdom Charles Chan shares these ancient secrets in a complete programme adapted for today's lifestyle. Taoist philosophy is a universal wisdom, which contains no cultural, social, intellectual or religious demarcations. Hence, this book is written for all people in the world who are seeking the wisdom of holistic health, harmonious living or deeper spiritual understanding to enrich their lives.